4ND EDITION – 2023-2024 SEASON
Greater South West’s Centre for Choreographic Cooperation

Article 1 – General Terms and Conditions.

a. The second edition of the Young Choreographers’ Competition (Concours de jeunes chorégraphes) is organised by :
– The Malandain Ballet Biarritz acting as executive producer and The Opéra national de Bordeaux acting as associate producer (Greater South West’s Centre for Choreographic Cooperation)
– The CCN/ Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin acting as associate producer.

b. Information about the competition is available on the website:

c. Participation in the competition constitutes full acceptance of these rules and of all its articles.

d. Calendar:
– Applications will be accepted starting : 28 september 2023
– Application deadline : 22 December 2023 – before midnight
– Shortlist announcement of six choreographers : 15 January 2024
– 6 June 2024: arrival of the finalists in Biarritz
– 7 & 8 June 2024: rehearsal and lighting adjustments on the stage of the Gare du Midi theatre in Biarritz
– Final round of the competition : Sunday, 9 june 2024 – Gare du Midi Biarritz (France) – 4 p.m.
– Creative residences & performances : 2024-2025 season

Article 2 – Entry Requirements.

a. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and/or considered the age of majority in their country of origin. They must also be from a European Member State or a Schengen Convention Member State.

b. For the preliminary selection stage, candidates must provide:
– an artistic Curriculum Vitae (CV)
– one or several videos of their works : they should be provided via a Url and hosted on a video sharing website (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)
– one page letter of intention comprised of an outline of the artistic project that the candidate would like to submit the day of the competition
– any additional artistic piece of information likely to highlight the candidate’s choreographic work.

c. Any application dossier submitted incomplete shall be considered null and void.

d. This competition is intended for choreographers who use academic dance language.

Article 3 – Jury.

a. Preliminary selection stage : the selection of the six finalists will be done by a jury comprised of professionals

b. Final round of the competition : choreographic celebrities will join the jury from the preliminary selection stage.

c. The jury reserves the right to not award any of the prizes, or to share them with several candidates.

d. The jury’s decision concerning the winners is final and is solely dependent on their wishes.

Article 4 – Artistic Terms & Conditions – Final round.

a. Each work presented during the competition finale shall be from 10 to 15 minutes long.
b. The choreography presented shall be performed by three to six dancers.
c. The choreographer candidate shall not perform in his/her own choreography.

Article 5 – Technical Terms & Conditions – Final round

a. The choreographies shall be adapted to the stage of the Gare du Midi of Biarritz:
– Stage dimensions: 12m (opening) / 8m (height) / 13m to 14m from stage left legs to stage right legs / 16m (maximum depth) / 26m (height of the grill)
– Lighting: a lighting plot will be given to the finalists
– Music: candidates shall bring their music on a CD and an EMPTY memory stick (excluding mp3 and mp4 formats).
– Accessories / props are acceptable if they can be quickly and easily moved. The competition organisation reserves the right to forbid their use if they may be obstructive.
b. The choreography shall be presented without any settings.
c. The organizer shall provide the candidates with:
– A general stage manager
– Two stage-hands.
d. The stage will be available for the candidates the night before or the day of the competition for a choreographic and technical set-up session.
e. The order of appearance on stage for the final round shall be determined by drawing lots the day of the competition.

Article 6 – Awards and Prizes.

The competition will award five prizes.

Three main prizes will be awarded by the jury
At the end of the final round, the jury will award two laureates who will have the opportunity to create for one of these two ballets during the 2024-2025 season:
– Opéra National de Bordeaux,
– CCN/Ballet of Opéra national du Rhin

a. Two creative residences

Two laureates will earn fifteen working days to choreograph a piece for 10 to 20 dancers. The duration of the piece will be comprised between 20 and 30 minutes.

Each Ballet agrees to provide:
• 10 to 20 dancers during a maximum period of 15 days (5 working hours a day: 2h30 in the morning / 2h30 in the afternoon)
• A 140 m2 studio (minimum
• Necessary staff to make costumes and accessories/props as well as lighting design. The stage design cannot include decor. The creative technical conditions will be provided later on.

Each piece shall be performed in their host city, and where appropriate, may be performed in the cities of both Ballets during the 2024-2025 season. The cost of the sets as well as promoting the performances will be covered by the Ballets and their partners. Each Ballet may add to the programme during which the winner’s work will be performed with a line-up of his/her choice.

b. Biarritz Prize

This €15 000 prize will be awarded to one of the six finalists by the finale jury.

c. Other prizes

– Audience’s Award: €3,000 will be awarded to the candidate who receives the majority of votes cast by the audience attending the finale.
– Critics’ Award: €3,000 will be awarded to a candidate by the journalists attending the finale.

The various judges will announce their decision independently without deliberating beforehand. For this reason, a candidate may be awarded several prizes.

Article 7 – Liability

a. The organisation shall not bear any liability for any physical or material damages caused by a candidate to himself/herself or any other competition participant.
b. The organisation shall not bear any liability if the competition must be cancelled, extended, changed or postponed due to force majeure or events beyond its control.
c. The organisation shall not bear any liability for any loss or theft.

Article 8 – Image Rights

a. The six shortlisted candidates shall grant CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz the right to use their image during their participation in the competition.

b. Exclusive transfer of exploitation rights (including arrangement excerpts or otherwise) and thus performance, communication, distribution, editing, publication, and marketing rights.

c. Said transferred rights also include the right to distribute/broadcast excerpts or portions and carry out any use apart from sound and image, transformations, adaptations, arrangements, clipping, editing, and image publication on the distributor’s logo necessary for circulation or video use.

d. During the finale on 9th June 2024, only individuals authorised by the members of the Centre for Choreographic Cooperation (Pôle de Coopération Chorégraphique) will be able to take pictures, or make video recordings of the candidates’ works.

Article 9 – Funding

a. The organisation agrees to pay performance technical costs (excluding costumes and accessories/props) for the candidates’ works on Sunday, 9th june 2024 at Gare du Midi of Biarritz (France), as well as the stage rehearsal planned in advance.

b. The six finalists will receive a lump sum for each member of their team, up to a maximum of eight people over 4 and a half days in Biarritz, as follows:

  • €42 per day per person per diem
  • Accommodation: €100 per person per night
    France travel package: €400 per person (including return transfer)
  • International travel package: €600 per person (including return transfer)

c. The organisation will give finalists a list of accommodations and help them arrange their stay.

Article 10 – Acceptance of Rules

Participation in the competition constitutes full acceptance of the provisions of these rules; non-compliance by a candidate shall result in his/her immediate disqualification.